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Discover Prologo, a leading brand in the cycling industry. Explore their innovative saddle designs for various cycling disciplines, crafted with high-tech materials for optimal performance. Join the ranks of top cycling professionals who trust Prologo for their cycling needs

Prologo is a renowned brand in the cycling industry, known for its innovative saddle designs. The brand offers a wide selection of saddles for various cycling disciplines, including road, cross country, marathon, adventure, gravel, cyclocross, triathlon, time trial, all mountain, gravity, and e-bike.

Prologo’s saddles are celebrated for their performance, lightness, and the use of high-tech materials that aid efficient cycling. They have pioneered features like the Connect Power Control (CPC) system, which helps to eliminate slipping forward while pedalling.

The brand’s commitment to innovation is evident in their product line. For instance, their Nago R4 saddle is designed for performance and lightness, while the Scratch NDR is specifically tailored for Cross Country and Marathon. The Proxim Nembo is a gravity saddle designed for extreme performance.

Prologo’s dedication to quality and performance has led to their products being used by top cycling professionals, further cementing their reputation in the industry1. They also offer a range of cycling accessories, including gloves, tapes, and grips.

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