Peaty's is a rider-focused brand that creates premium products designed to enhance your riding experience. With a commitment to challenging conventions, Peaty's designs unique items that prioritize both performance and honest eco credentials.

Using human-centered design principles, Peaty's carefully crafts their products with the rider in mind. They conduct extensive testing, involving professional riders and weekend warriors, to ensure their gear elevates every ride. From the ground up, their products are built by riders for riders, promising a genuine understanding of your needs.

Peaty's takes pride in their honest eco credentials. They go beyond simply using eco-friendly materials and strive to create products that people value and want to keep using. Their focus on performance is unwavering, proven by their presence at major events like the UCI DH World Cup and EWS Series. Additionally, Peaty's utilizes recyclable plastics for bottles, recycled paper and card for packaging, and formulates their products to be as readily biodegradable as possible.

Peaty's ultimate goal is to make your ride better. They believe that every ride has the potential to be the best ever, and their products are designed to unlock that potential. Trusted by top riders in the industry, Peaty's invites you to grab their gear, hit the trails, and experience mountain biking at its finest.

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