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Before using the site, please read carefully our terms and conditions. By using the site you automatically accept them.
After making an order, we`ll contact you in 24 hours by phone to confirm your order. Orders made on Saturday or Sunday will be processed on Monday.
Payment of the order is collected at your door by the courier company when you get your parcel. We work with SPEEDY courier company.
All orders include insurance if there is some kind of damage during transportation.
Product replacement:
Order replacement is possible, if the original package is undamaged and you have the payment receipt. Shipping expenses for order replacement are payed by the customer.

Product availability:
We do our best to keep the site up to date all the time, but sometimes you may order a product that is not available, if so, you`ll be contacted in 24 hours.

In case of false product description or false price of the products you`ve been ordered, you`ll be contacted in 24 hours and you can cancel your order if you`re not satisfied with the real price. If you locate some strange product description or suspicious pricing, please drop us a line at nikki@onedistribution.com
Privacy policy:
Your personal data will be transferred to the relevant delivery organization, as far as this is necessary for the delivery process.Your private information won`t be passed to third party organisation.

Warranty is valid only with your payment receipt and with guarantee card.

All the prices on the website are with VAT and are in BGN, or EUR if selected from the Currencies menu and are for one product, if in the description of the product is written something else.

Onedistribution.com reserves the right to cancel orders at any time without explanation.